We set up Tribal Rugs in 2001 to seek out and import the best Tribal and Village Carpets. Two principles have guided us: The first is the knowledge that good quality Tribal and Village rugs are still being made, and the second is the belief these rugs should be enjoyed in the West as they are enjoyed in the East. We go as close to source as possible; we have longstanding contacts throughout the rug producing countries, and the washing, finishing and preparation of the goods are done under our close supervision. We are passionate about our rugs – talk to us and see the difference Tribal Rugs could make to your business.

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Rug of the Month

Qashqai 308x210cm A classic three medallioned Qashqai and complemented by additional ‘sunflower’ motifs. Sku: 213


An Eastern proverb says that “Where your carpet is, there is your home”.

We believe that any room is best complimented by a hand made rug. They suit the textures of old houses and soften the lines of a glass and concrete new build. They can be a dominant feature of a room or link the colours of furnishing fabrics, furniture and pictures. Their decorative potential is endless…….